Have we forgotten Malcolm Naden?

It’s strange that you can be so caught up in something  when, ‘in the blink of an eye’,  along comes life pushing it’s way in to your space, moving you along like some kind of unwanted law enforcer! I realised that I hadn’t posted anything for quite a few weeks.  When I wrote  about Malcolm Naden I was really caught up in  the events that surrounded his capture, the upsizing of his persona to that of the legendary Ned Kelly, the media hype and the deep anger and sorrow that enveloped the families of his victims.

And while I was following the story I spoke about Malcolm Naden to other people and I read blogs from various groups that were interested in his story. One particular group which I came across whilst doing my research, seemed especially keen to speak to Mr Naden regarding his contact with Yowies. Now if you are wondering what a Yowie is, there is a very informative site called Dean Harrisons Australian Yowie Research, where you can read about absolutely everything to do with Yowies. If you happen to have seen a Yowie, or perhaps even spoken with one, Mr Harrison would love to hear from you.

The Manning River Times, which is published in the region where Malcolm Naden was hiding out, ran an article back in August 2009 with this heading….

Yowie sighting near Mount George

This sighting was made by two women about 7:30 p.m whilst driving along a local road towards Cundle Flat. It made quite an impression on them at the time  but the women decided to err on the side of caution and kept on driving. The woman who was driving reported

“I was s**t-scared and thought I better not mess with this thing in case it lifts the trailer up and tips us over the bank edge.”

Women revisit place of Yowie sighting

Back at the scene: Faye Burke (centre), Alana Garrett (right) and a passer-by at the place where Fay and Alana saw what they believe was a yowie last Friday.

This caught the attention of the renowned Rex Gilroy, (Yowie investigator), who has been researching Yowies for the last 20 years. Rex immediately travelled from Katoomba to interview the witnesses     and have a bit of a look around. He was not to be disappointed. The Manning River Times reported Rex as saying

“These ladies did not imagine what they saw,” he said. “I cast a footprint 40cm long and 26cm wide. And I am almost convinced there was not one yowie there but two.”

Not one but two of these creatures ! But never fear Rex is here and as   one of the woman stated

“nothing worries me now I have Rex to back me up”.

But what does all this have to do with Malcolm Naden? It is thought by some that the creature  sighted on the Nowendoc road was possibly the bedraggled figure of Malcolm Naden whose fingerprints have been found at a number of sites where robberies have been carried out in the local region.

Well anyway at least Rex Gilroy has enough to keep him interested for  a while and he’s “Convinced enough to make an ongoing investigation.” I can sleep soundly knowing Rex Gilroy is on the job.

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